Weight Loss for Teenage Girl

4 methods: Before you lose weight, Eat well, Exercise, Follow other methods

Tired of feeling bad about yourself because of your weight? Can your parents or friends make fun of you and your double chin? You can read this article to apply his tips and lose weight. It could be even harder to lose weight during adolescence because of all the good things you are exposed to or your friends who love pizza. Obviously, it will not be easy, but if you are determined and motivated, you can do it! Just follow a few simple tips to get there in no time! Do not forget to be moderate, because too much weight loss is not healthy. Stop being weak and become stronger! Get in there now and do not give up.

Set goals . Start with something simple, do not set goals that you will never reach, because you will feel even worse when you realize that you can not do it.
Prepare a plan. Do yourself some free time after classes or during the EPS course to add a small exercise program.
Start the diet the next day. It can be useful to start on a white slate, but only once! Prepare for it the night before. Organize for the coming weeks and months.
Eat healthy foods and do not skip meals. You must eat five small meals a day, about every three to four hours. Your sugar level will remain constant and you will be less hungry.
Do small exercises before breakfast. Even if you only do a few stretches, do light exercises before breakfast. Do not force too much until two or three hours after breakfast. It’s a safe bet that your body has low energy reserves and this will make you lose muscle mass before you lose fat. You must have energy to burn fat, otherwise your body will tap into your muscle mass to find it. Do not skip breakfast. It helps you put your metabolism on the go and not go hungry later. Even if you only eat a banana with tea, it’s always better than eating nothing at all.
Avoid buying your meals outside. Bring your lunch and leave your money at home. This way, you will have no choice but to resist your desires! For your lunch, you can prepare sandwiches, two pieces of fruit and water. Do not eat anything sweet or fat.

Eat at the table and not up. Decide where you are going to eat, unless you go out with your friends to eat. This prevents you from swallowing your meals while watching TV. Take the time to chew up to 30 for each bite. You can also lose more weight by chewing better. You will realize that you feel full faster, which will also allow you to eat less.

Remember that it takes your brain about twenty minutes to realize that you have eaten enough. Try not to overeat, stop as soon as you feel full and do not force yourself to finish eating.

Do not eat between 9 pm and 6 am This will help you settle your body. Since your metabolism is idling during the night (especially during sleep), it also means that your digestive system will be idle.
Choose healthy foods. If you really want to nibble something, choose fruits and vegetables instead of sweets and chips. If you really have an aversion to vegetables, you can try eating some hummus or peanut butter or prefer a handful of nuts without salt. Greek yogurt can also help you stimulate your body and you could love its taste. Try for example nature with honey and red fruits. Popcorn is also a great snack food if you choose it without salt and butter. In addition, it is rich in fiber.
Consult the menu. Before going out to eat with friends, take a look at the menu on the Internet if possible and you can choose in advance what you will eat (sometimes you could even find the nutritional values). In addition to helping you choose healthier dishes, it also means you will not want to give in to a craving and eat something you are not supposed to eat!

Ask for smaller portions. It’s easier than trying to eat everything on your plate because you’ve probably got used to it. Also try eating on a smaller plate. This suggests to the brain that you have eaten more than actually.

Drink two liters of water a day . This does not mean that you have to swallow two liters of liquid at one time, but that you must spread your consumption all day long. Drink in the way that you think is best for you as long as you drink two liters a day. This will help you feel full longer.

Apart from water, all other drinks that exist contain more or fewer calories. Learn to love the taste of water , and drink it often every day to be healthier and better digest. Instead of fruit and vegetable juices that have been deprived of their fiber, you should instead consume whole fruits and vegetables. Juices also contain a lot of sugar and often, they are not made with 100% fruit juice, so you should avoid them. You can try preparing your own juices at home with a juicer. It’s a great way to consume a lot of nutrients and help you lose weight. It has also been proven that the consumption of three liters of water a day slows the relaxation of the skin, which prevents the formation of some of the wrinkles.

Walk as much as you can. An average person burns about six calories per minute of walking. Try to walk at least 2 km a day to start. Add a little more every day. Walk quickly and slow down if you start to run out of breath. When you start, the most important thing is to walk, not to walk fast.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Studies have shown that a quarter of an hour of walking a day can extend the life expectancy of three years [1].
Dance to music on TV or on your MP3 player. All the movements you can do will cause weight loss, so you can have fun and dance to lose weight!

Exercise. The type of exercise you do does not really matter, you can lift weight, walk around, swim, jog or run on a treadmill, lose weight, when you do three to four days a week and burn more calories than you consume. If you do not have treadmills, find yourself a pool, go to a point where you have water up to the waist and run on the spot, this will allow you to burn as many calories as if you ran on a treadmill.

Weigh yourself. Weigh yourself every week on the same day in the morning before eating and after using the toilet. This will allow you to see weight loss instead of weighing yourself everyday. If you are still growing, your weight should not change. You might think you got fat, but in fact, you probably grew up or gained muscle. Rather measure around your waist. This will let you know if you have lost fat.
If you weigh yourself every day, it could lead to an “obsession with the scale” or an unhealthy fixation to see daily results. Sometimes it is possible to hold up to two and a half liters of water in the body, so the number that appears on the scale could mislead you.
You must see weight loss as a long-term process. You’ll get results from your hard work and determination, as long as you keep your spirits up and keep your point of view positive. There are few people completely satisfied with their bodies, but try to love yours as much as possible. He will return it to you.


Write down your progress. In this way, you will notice significant changes. Write down everything you eat, the exercises you do and your waistline (or the measurement of the part of your body that you want to melt). Calculate your calorie intake for the day (you should not exceed 2,000 calories) and the number of calories you have burned (most devices in gyms have a meter that lets you know it). If you have changed your diet or exercise program, you can compare them to find out which works best for you.
You can also write down the number of calories you have consumed, enter them on specialized websites that will tell you if you can eat more or less and you can use this information to organize for the following days.
Download an application. There are some very good free apps that can help you track your progress, such as MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness. Take a look online to find an application tailored to your needs.


Take confidence in yourself. If you are sure you are going to lose weight, you are more likely to get there! It’s proven !


Do not be too hard on yourself. If you spend a day in pajamas watching movies, do not worry. Do not worry if you crack one day and swallow a packet of chips. Get back in the saddle the next day!


As you exercise, imagine how you will look when you lose weight, it will help you feel more motivated.
Do not abandon ! It is true that it is difficult to eat healthy foods and exercise overnight without giving up. You would like to drop everything and go back to your old habits because you feel that you are not losing weight anyway. Do not be fooled by this kind of thinking! If you find the will, strength and determination to lose weight, it will be the best decision of your life! Whenever you feel like giving up, imagine your body when you lose weight, it should motivate you to continue. Prove to all the people who doubt you that you can do it!
Listen to music during your exercises. Try to do different exercises depending on the songs you listen to (it’s exercise in rhythm).
Do not worry if you do not lose weight during the first week. Stress causes you to gain weight. Stay positive to lose weight faster.
Start with a small goal, for example between two and four pounds to lose. When you have lost them, you will feel good about yourself and you will feel that every kilogram you lose is a revelation.
If you are hungry between meals, nibble something healthy. This will help you keep your blood sugar high and prevent you from overeating at the next meal.
Do not skip meals! You might think that you will lose weight faster if you skip meals, but in fact it causes the opposite effect. When you skip a meal, you will be hungry later and you will be thrown on healthy foods high in fat and sugar.
Lie on the bed with a pillow and raise your legs to your stomach about 25 times a day.
Stand up instead of sitting. This position also burns calories.
Do not forget to brush your teeth after every meal and every taste. You will have less desire if you have the taste of toothpaste in your mouth.
Try not to become obsessed with a number. You will have a better idea of ​​your success by looking in the mirror and asking yourself if you like what you see.
Never deprive yourself of food. If you do, your metabolism will believe that you are going through a period of starvation and it will slow down and start storing fat. However, if you decide to fast (you can spend some time drinking only water and juices to cleanse your body and allow for faster weight loss), you need to exercise every day to prevent your metabolism from slowing down, which could lead to storing the solid foods you consume when you get back to eating them.
You may develop an eating disorder if you become obsessed with your weight loss.
Do not do cardiovascular exercises and strength exercises on the same day. This could cause you serious cramps.
Read the nutritional values ​​on the labels. It is not because it is written wholesale on the front of the product that it is low in fat that it is necessarily good for you.
If you follow your diet properly, you should lose between half a kilo and one kilogram a week. That’s between two and four kilos a month! If you lose more than a kilo and a half a week, you may be losing it too fast and it’s not good for you. Depending on your weight and the pounds you must lose, it may not be completely unhealthy. Remember, you could also lose hair if you lose weight too fast. Always consult your doctor if you are worried.
If you realize that you have not lost weight after several weeks, you should consult a nutritionist.
Studies have shown that if you weigh yourself too much, you will actually gain weight, so it is better for you to base your satisfaction on your diet on the feeling you have in your favorite pants or on the remarks. of your loved ones.

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