Hollywood Diet (Fruit Cure)

This weight loss program consists of eating only fruits (except bananas, considered too sweet) and vegetables (but this method of weight loss focuses mainly on fruits and not vegetables) and that at will.

This fruit cure is actually an exclusion diet that advocates the non-mixing of foods (as the pineapple-grapefruit diet and the Atkins diet) since it prohibits the consumption of all other foods (especially those that are processed , industrial foods ready to eat for example). Also read 4 proper ways to incorporate more fruits into your diet.

Be careful, this is more of a cure than a diet in the sense that you should only follow it for the short term (a few days or a week maximum).

The name of this slimming program comes from the fact that many Hollywood stars follow him in order to lose weight quickly (to pass a casting or to return to a role for example). Fruits almost always provide very few calories, so they lose weight in a very short time.

Among the main fruits of the Hollywood diet, more or less vaunted for their virtues “fat burners” (argument scientifically unfounded however), you find:

Pineapple (this is the only fruit that can help digest protein, but in no case a fat burner),
The papaya,
The watermelon.

These 3 flagship fruits (all exotic fruits), preferred during the week of a fruit cure, are to be consumed by spacing 2 hours between each fruit.

You can eat other foods if you can not resist the temptation, but only 1 or 2 times a week and in very small amounts. In addition, if you consume another food than a fruit, it must be followed by 3 days of fruit cure imperatively to compensate.

Here is a typical menu of Hollywood diet over a week (which you can follow with bread, vegetables and starchy foods to get your body into a more balanced diet):

1st day: pineapple from morning to evening (one fruit every 2 hours),
2nd day: papayas or apples in the morning, pineapple at midday, apples or mangos in the evening,
3rd day: apples or kiwis in the morning, pineapple at midday, apples or kiwis in the evening,
4th day: watermelons or raspberries,
5th day: watermelons in the morning, apricots at midday, bilberries or blackcurrant at night,
6th day: prunes in the morning, pineapple at midday, watermelons in the evening,
7th day: watermelons or apples from morning to evening (one fruit every 2 hours).

> Benefits
The Hollywood diet is also called a fruit cure, it loses weight in a way not recommended

You will lose weight very quickly and with certainty with this slimming program. The fruits are easily integrated by your body which digests them quickly. They stay only about an hour in your stomach.

By consuming only fruits, therefore, by reducing the consumption of meat and other industrial foods, you can clean your interior as if you were emptying your car.

Since your only imperative remains to consume fruits and nothing but fruits, you will find the Hollywood diet very simple to follow.

Fruit lovers will find this slimming program very suitable.

> Disadvantages

This diet remains dangerous if you follow it regularly because it causes deficiencies in proteins and lipids (nutrients essential to the body). Thus, it melts your muscle mass, appear the feeling of hunger and causes fatigue that can reach extremes. These problems can be likened to a total fast!

The cure of fruits remains very monotonous since you can only consume fruits (and not any at any time, it is better to plan). Not being able to eat meats, bread, rice, starchy foods … can be a real torment and contribute to increase frustration, weariness and even disgust, which are the source of a great majority of regimes.

Consuming only carbohydrates during a fruit cure can also be harmful to the body in the long term.

Unfortunately, you almost inevitably suffer the yo-yo effect of stopping the Hollywood diet by regaining the lost weight, since you will not have taken good eating habits with this diet. To hope to stabilize your weight when the diet stops, you will have to continue with a more balanced diet and practice regular physical activity.

By its multiple dangers for your health, we do not advise you this cure of fruits. However, if you have a need to lose weight very quickly and find a reason to try it, we strongly advise you to consult a doctor or nutritionist before.

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