Fév 13

Hollywood Diet (Fruit Cure)

This weight loss program consists of eating only fruits (except bananas, considered too sweet) and vegetables (but this method of weight loss focuses mainly on fruits and not vegetables) and that at will. This fruit cure is actually an exclusion diet that advocates the non-mixing of foods (as the pineapple-grapefruit diet and the Atkins diet) […]

Fév 06

Weight Loss for Teenage Girl

4 methods: Before you lose weight, Eat well, Exercise, Follow other methods Tired of feeling bad about yourself because of your weight? Can your parents or friends make fun of you and your double chin? You can read this article to apply his tips and lose weight. It could be even harder to lose weight […]

Déc 20

Online-Shopping and E-Commerce worldwide: Statistics & Facts

For private consumers around the globe the most well-known form of e-commerce falls into the business to consumer (B2C) category, which includes online retail or online shopping. It refers to online purchases from bricks-and-mortar retailers, such as Walmart, as well as from web-only online retailing corporations such as or Rakuten. In 2016, an estimated […]

Déc 07

Burn The Fat – Weight Cutting Tips & Ideas

It’s possible to lose weight and eat more healthily without feeling starved or deprived. In fact, taking care to eat meals that satisfy is a good way to ensure that you stay on track with your diet. Here are tips to help make dieting less of a pain. 1. Shop Ahead It’s importance of planning […]

Déc 05

Dress to look young

Dress to look young? Well think about it, how are you normally dressed? How do you normally present yourself to others? Unknowingly, a lot of us have been wearing clothes that made us appear older, especially due to the nature of our work. To maintain a youthful look, a lot of women have invested heavily […]

Déc 01

Plus Size Teens Clothes – Hip And Fashionable

Teens can be cruel. They expect other teens to be slim and to dress in the latest fashions. In so doing, they can cause overweight teens to feel inferior. These overweight girls may lack self-esteem and the confidence to participate in the extra activities offered at their school. Just wearing plus size clothes can damage […]